Slow Start to everything

Well, this is embarrassing. We were supposed to sail away to Bermuda right after a big party at Pier 66 on Saturday, November 6th. And the crew was supposed to be 6 squash players plus 3 for a crew of 9. I allowed for three days of “weather hold” in case we didn’t get optimal conditions.

But then Mother Nature realized that I hadn’t paid her enough attention and shut down the party.

That was on Nov 6th. A freezing cold night. Many thanks to the couple of hundred people who showed up to see us off. Of course we only sailed around the corner to North Cove in Manhattan.

We are now at Nov 11th and I still haven’t left the area. On Monday the 8th in winds gusting to 50mph I sailed = well motored mostly – back to Westbrook which is where I’m waiting for permission from Nature to depart.

And as a result, no one in the crew can make it.

I’m in New York this evenign, scrambling for crew. And I’m not the only one, every boat on the Eastern Seaboard has been delayed and crew are a scarce commodity. Looks like I’ll be paying for mine.

Paying because I’m late.

Paying because I took Mother Nature for granted.

Paying because I will miss my beloved squash tournament.

Paying because my kids will get to Bermuda before me (we decided to have them fly on the first leg and then continue with us after Bermuda).

Paying because my Emma-Kate (my wife) now has to fly with the kids. They leave tomorrow morning.

Paying literally to have people sail with me.

What is they say about boats? A big hole in the water into which you throw money.

I cannot WAIT to get going. Even if it is with a bunch of paid strangers. It looks like the weather will let up around Saturday morning and then we have to split with alacrity as there is another system coming up right behind it and I don’t want Mother Nature to prove who is boss AGAIN.

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