She keeps kicking my butt, and I keep making her feel better

I have a whole new understanding of dysfunctional relationships thanks to Ondine.   So far, I have replaced on Macerator Pump and taken apart another in an effort to fix it.  For those of you that still lead blessed lives where you don’t know what a Macerator Pump is.  It’s a part of the plumbing system that smells – a lot.  And  in case that isn’t clear enough, let’s say that repairing it is a pretty shi**y job.

Just like in any healthy dysfunctional relationship, one party (Ondine), continues to abuse the other (me).  And the abused party is so in love that they begin to think that this is normal.  Up to my armpits in brown smelly liquid and I’m smiling about it.  Well I would be if the job was done.  But unfortunately, Ondine being a catamaran has two of these devilish devices and they both decided to go at the same time.  Being the prepared sailor that I am, I had replacements for both.  But one of the brand-new-in-the-box units simply doesn’t work.  Nevermind, I thought, I’ll just take the sucker apart and replace the broken part (you have no idea how badly I needed a shower before I started writing this).   And I was nearly successful except that I broke a piece when putting it back together again and now – to me at least – the whole thing is irreparable.

Did I mention that I’m doing this while sailing to Antigua?  With the boat climbing and falling the Atlantic swells.   And everything rolling around everywhere?

At least I’ve fixed the water maker and we’ve got hot water.  Otherwise, there’s no way Emma-Kate would let me near this computer.  (Let alone near her.)

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