Which way are we going?

My whole blogging thing is going to sound like tales of woe, however, the feeling of elation that happens when I fix something is worth every penny.

We just had a very scary thing happen.  In the middle of the night, on my shift, the steering suddenly failed to work properly.  It became very hard to turn to starboard (right).  We freaked out.  Slowed down.  Looked at the problem.  Even ended up doing two or three 360s in the ocean (when no one was watching).  But I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  The steering would steer to the right, but the boat wouldn’t.    David Uprichard (guest on board) was obviously starting to freak out.  And I noticed that the boat speed was not what it should be.  So I went into both engine rooms to inspect the rudders and found that they were no longer “in sync”.  When one was turned, the other was straight ahead.  And the problem was getting worse.   We didn’t know how we would make it to Antigua.  Indeed, would Ondine even be able to sail in the direction we wanted her to at all?  Finally, after much thinking I narrowed down the problem to the hydraulic steering and called an “expert” in Antigua.  Steve gave a few helpful hints and voila.  Both rudders were pointed in the right direction and we were up to speed again.

The joy of deciphering, figuring out, and finally repairing the problem is indescribable.  Of course, the reason it happened hasn’t been fixed yet (a leak in the system).  And that’ll cost $s.  And that gives me all kinds of pain.  But let’s not focus on the cup being half full.  Because no matter how much is in my cup, I still think it’s overflowing.

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