An interview with Robbert

Editors note: This is the second part in a two part inteveiw that Paloma conducted on Frigate birds.  So named because when food is scarce, they steal, rob, or remove food from other birds after it’s caught.  (The English word for a boat that destroys other boats is a frigate).  You can find the first installment here:

Now onto Robbert’s interview:

I went to Barbuda and interviewed a male Frigate bird called Robbert. He told me about being a male Frigate bird. I hope you like it.



P: What is your job?

R: They are…

  • attract a female
  • collect sticks and things
  • sit on the egg
  • watch and protect the chick for 2 moths.

P: I’m confused. Do you stay all year round or do you go away?

R: I go away from Frigate bird colony to Frigate bird colony.

P: Stealine was taking about your pouch how do you fill it up?

R: I drink fresh water and then my pouch blows up so it is more like a chemical reaction but I have to keep drinking the water otherwise my pouch deflates but when I have been chosen I stop because I do not need it any more.

P: Ok enough on the mating season. What sound do you make?

R: My call sounds like clicking.

Here are some more pictures of the Frigate Bird Community in Barbuda

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