An Interview with Stealine

I went to Barbuda and interviewed a Female Frigate Bird called Stealine. She told me about her life as a female Frigate Bird and a few things about Frigate Birds. Enjoy.

P: People say you look for something special in a male what is it?
S: I’m looking at his pouch, the more blown up it is the more likely you’ll get me, like Robbert did.

P: What did you do to show that you had chosen Robbert?
S: I rubbed my head on his big blown up pouch.

P: When Robbert would bring you sticks and things did he ever get bored?
S: No because every time he brought back 5,6 or 7 sticks I would mate with him, as an encouragement
P: So couldn’t you do it on your own then?
S: NO! No one bride can build a nest it HAS to be two birds!

P: what are your responsibilities?
S: to…
.find a male
.make a nest
. lay 1 egg
. catch, or the fun way, steal food for the chosen male
. Once the chick is two months old, watch and teach it how to hunt, steal and fly, then abandon it when it knows how to do every thing on its own.

P: How do you catch fish?
S: We catch fish on our own or we steal fish form other birds, even more fun we steal fish off the deck of fishing boats or out of the nets. He he he he.

P: Can you tell me what color you were when you were younger?
S: I was white like all other Frigate birds, but when I got my mature colors I was black with a white stripe, like I am now and it is the same with my fellow female friends.

P: How long do you live?
S: 49-50 years.

P: Where do you live and dose anyone else live with you?
S: I live in the mangroves with baby lobsters and other bad tasting and hard to eat creatures.

P: What are the names that people call you?
S: Oh there are tons, ok lets see they call me a Frigate Bird, Man of War Bird, a Pirate Bird, The Weather bird and others I do not feel like listing.

P: Have you ever swum before since you live by the water?
S: Ahhhhhhhh! No if I even touch that water I will die, you see I cannot swim and my feathers do not have the oil that will keep them dry, so I will not be able to fly!

And here’s a link to the interview with Robbert:

When we were visiting the Frigate birds, we found one of the females wet in the water and she couldn’t get out.  She would have drowned if our guide hadn’t saved her.  Here are some pictures.  The number on her wing is so that scientists can track her.

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