The 3 hour hike to the boiling lake

That’s three hours one way.  It took us seven hours to get there and back.   zzzzzzzz…. what oh yeah the boiling lake.

How to get to the boiling lake:

You have to hike/walk whatever you want to call it or take a helicopter (like Oprah did). We took the hike.

It is suggested that you take a local tour guide because once a guy did it alone and decided to take a shortcut and got lost in the woods for 3 days, but that’s another story.  Anyway for this hike we had to be up at 5:00am (4:00am New York time) and we were awake on time. You might be saying 5:00am is no big deal, it’s close to 6:00, easy peazy lemon squeezey, but you are wrong. The sun isn’t even up yet and you get a lot less sleep than if you sleep till 6:00.  1 hour is a lot more than you would think. Anyway so we’re in the middle of this amazing impossible to describe hike, and there is this one big stream or little river called  Breakfast river. It is the river that the bottled spring water Loubiere comes from.  We got to go over this river and drink out of it. On the way back I did a face plant straight into the river.   Excuse me a second… glup, yum, oh where was I? Oh yeah it was yummy… here are some pics of the river, people at the river and me face planted in to the river. Enjoy :-)


Ok so now you know about the river here are some pics of us. (My Dad, Mom, the tour guide Cynthia and me) enjoy :-)





Here is a picture of the boiling lake.  We made it Hip Hip Horay! It smells like rotten eggs! Pleas enjoy Pics without smelling or imagining the smell you really don’t want to. Read facts of about the boiling lake after pics . Enjoy :-)


The boliining lake is 89 degrees Centigrade on the edges and is 250 dregees in the middle.  Once a guy fell in! This is the story. The guy went up there and his son dropped a very  big and expensive camera down the side. Then the next day the guy came back with ropes and climbed down to get the camra and fell in!


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