Personal Shopper, Caribbean Style

This is Michael. He is one of our personal shoppers. We where wary of Michael when he first offered to get us fruit and produce. He looks and acts like a seller of a different kind. We weren’t entirely wrong. He sells that too.  Hey man it’s the islands. And in Dominica that kind of product is way easier to procure than a tomato. As we discovered on Christmas Eve, most people grow their own fruit and veg. (Michael Polland would be pleased.) If you’re visiting, you need someone to act as a middleman. Hence the need for Michael and our other personal shopper, Sugar Daddy.

On the day things did not go as planned, Sugar Daddy brought me a huge bunch of basil. So I made pesto. (I love the jars. They are from French yogurt we got in Guadeloupe.)

Today he brought a huge papaya, more basil and tomatoes. We will not starve while James is away. We have survived the first day with out him. It’s been raining a lot, which somehow seems appropriate.  As consolation for the downpours we get these.

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