When we were leaving New York, the weather decided to teach us a lesson or two.  We had a crew of 9 of us that were scheduled to sail to Bermuda, and then a huge Nor’Easter blew down with winds over 50 mph and it became apparent that we just couldn’t sail away.

You can read about the delay in my blog post here.

In the end as the dates got delayed, all my crew had to drop out and I had to hire crew to sail with me.   And on very short notice.  I interviewed five or six captains and crew.  Lots of them had plenty of delivery experience, but they didn’t make me feel like I was going to have a very good time sailing with them.  A common break down point would be when I told them that I wanted to Captain the boat.  Obviously I’ve got less experience than all of the Captains I spoke to (I’m not a professional), but it’s my boat, my year, and it is important to me for symbolic reasons that I am Captain for the entire trip.  I would assure them that if things really started to go wrong, I would cede command, but that wasn’t good enough.  Several Captains dropped out.  And others made me feel insecure and inadequate to the task.

And then I met Rowan (Captain) and Chase (Mate) from Sail2Adventure.   It was like a breath of fresh air.  They weren’t the cheapest folk I talked to, but they made me so much more comfortable and I was certain that I would be able to get along with them.  And most importantly, they understood that this was my trip and they were helping me out.  But that I’d be looking to them if we got into any difficulties.

And what a pleasure it was to sail with them.   You expect professional and courteousness.  But these guys did so much more.  I got sailing lessons and more important Diesel lessons thrown in.  After we arrived in Bermuda, they offered to spend additional time with me (at no cost) to make sure that I understood all of the mechancal aspects of Ondine.   We changed filters, oil, belts, bled engines, and generally got ourselves good and greasy while making me feel more and more secure.

If you are looking for someone to sail with or a delivery, you just couldn’t do better than these guys.  They will take care of you, your boat, and you’ll be so happy you met them.

If you’d like to get in touch with them, send an email to, or visit their webside:

We sailed with Rowan and Chase again from Antigua to Guadeloupe.  And I would no longer trust Ondine to anyone else.

Rowan Wagner

Rowan giving us a guided tour of Antigua


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