Then There Were Three

It finally stopped pouring rain and the sun came out, just in time for Lucy, John and Kailey to depart.  After three weeks of seven souls aboard they have left a lot of empty space. It feels oddly quiet and we keep setting too many places at the table.  When the alarm went off on the water maker at 2am last night, I really missed having John asleep at his computer in the salon (he was on call for his business in Canada).

But we are finding our rhythm as a trio. We are slowly tidying up, reclaiming the space, enjoying the sun and getting used to pleasing only ourselves.

And I totally admit it, after they left we cranked up the music and had ourselves Risky Business moment, boat style. It involved swabbing the deck and spraying each other with water and definitely no socks.

Of course these days you have to be careful what you do when you think it’s just you, because your mother just might put in on a blog

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