When The Captain Was Away.

James is on his way back to us yay !! Everything about having to be away has been horrible for James. With one small exception: I have been forced to take charge of the aspects of boat living that I usually try to avoid like the plague. The things that keep James up at night have been keeping me up:  Is the battery charging, are we using to much power, do we have enough water, is the anchor/mooring holding ( you get the idea) and I am forced to drive the dinghy and dock it. (yuck)

I know James is this thrilled every time I talk to him about amps and voltage. At last she has some empathy and understanding for the juice Nazi. There has been a problem with the watermaker, so I have become very intimate with that.

We were getting low on water, washing the dishes in sea water, having Ronan pee of the side ( he loves it) and using bottled water to cook.  I had worked out how to reprogram the water maker, so it bypassed the broken bit and worked out where to take out the hose (With James’ help, via Skype), so I could manually test the salinity ( i.e., taste it).  Then it started to pour with rain, filling the tanks and saving me from potentially contaminating our water supply. I have never been so happy to see the rain. I think I experienced the exact opposite emotions re rain that Queenslanders were having at exactly the same time.

When James gets home tomorrow I will be very happy to hand over the boat to him.  But I know that he will be happy to finally have a partner that knows what a salinity probe is. (Hey, its part of the watermaker.)

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