Martinique At Last.

We made it to France in time for my birthday!  Which means baguettes and Nutella for the kids and good wine and champers to celebrate my 39th year with . Yay!

But we only just made it. Dominica didn’t want to let us go.

On first day we where due to leave James had a little free driving accident and needed to chill for a day. The next day as we were preparing to leave and James cut open his leg with his own knife and had to get stitches.

Finally the next day we pulled out of Ports Mouth. We got a couple of miles past the tip of the island when the clew holding the main sail to the boom pulled loose.

Not good. We had to drop the sail and motor back to Dominica, pulling into the capital Roseau. Where we meet the delightful Poncho (Roseau’s very special boat boy) and his family. He helped us fix our sail with the help of a friend.

We also discovered the special treats Dominica still had to show us, before she would let us go.

Finally on the 24th we left the wild, natural, lovely, Dominica, one mouth and two days after we first arrived to spend a week or maybe two.

We made it finally. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.  On the passage over the weather was rough. I got sick (no surprise) and then the boom got seriously messed up. (I will leave it up to James to give details to those that care) Again it was not good but we managed to limp into Saint Pierre.  The first thing we did was got to the supermarket to buy cheese and wine. Vivre la France.

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