French Alarm Clock

We were woken up this morning by sounds of “Woo Hoo”,  “Allo”,  “Woo Hoo”.  I guess that’s French for “Wake up you sleepyheads”.  So that’s what we did.  There was a funny moment when Emma-Kate was insisting that I put on a T-Shirt she had got for me while I was looking for something to cover stuff a little lower down.  But after a quick giggle, we quickly made it up to the deck.  And what did we find?

There was a Catamaran bumping into us!   I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and said

(All of the following happened in French)

“Is it me?  Or is it you?”  Meaning, did my anchor drag or did yours?

“Oh, it’s you, it’s you, we only just dropped ours” came the reply.

“See, you are moving forward”.  I had to supress a giggle when she said that.   I wasn’t sure if she was serious!   There’s this thing about boats at anchor with no sails up.  They don’t really go forward.  And there’s this other thing.  If you’ve just dropped your anchor you don’t know yet whether or not your anchor is stuck in yet especially with the mind moving around from place to place and blowing about 25 knots (which it was).  We have been here 3 days and haven’t moved a millimeter.  I checked my surroundings to be sure and said.

“I think it’s you…”

And with that I took another look at my  neighbors as Emma-Kate and I began to put some fenders out to protect ourselves.  I noticed that all four of them were all working with one hand.  The other was being used to hold a cigarette. Priorities. They were close enough that I could smell the alcohol on their breath.  So I guess that had sacrificed their driniking hands to put out the anchor and put out fenders.  Fair enough.  It was 6 am.  Time for a break I say.

We were very polite.  No damage was done. I waved and said “a la prochaine” (until next time) as they moved by (I’m not even sure their anchor was on the bottom they were moving by so quickly).   And we’ve been laughing about it ever since.   I think they were embarassed because they didn’t try to re-anchor.  They just left.

Location: St. Pierre, Martinique.  I do love the French.

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