The Butterfly Garden :-}

One day I went hiking up a big hill and we saw a lot.

We got to the butterfly garden but we went up the back ! :) 😛 When we got there we saw lots of  bugs. They were alive but in a cage,  I mean five cages. Then we went in a little hut and saw dead bugs but they were still cool! We also saw a dead snake and a lizard ( that was alive) in the front yard, they were cool too. Then the man who worked there asked us if we would like to make necklaces. We said “Yes”.  He also gave ma a vanilla pod!:) I was happy.  He also let us make bracelets.  As I told you we hiked up the back, instead of going back up the back we were going to go back on the road  but the man at the garden said it was to busy. So he gave us an awesome ride back in his truck. I thought it was funny but cool!

We went there with other kids but that’s another story.

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