Happy to be Sad

Let me introduce you to my blog post.  There are some things that I like about sailing.  And some things that I miss about New York City.  I like swimming and I like snorkeling.

But I also like playing in the snow.

Ronan in Snow.JPG

I like gong to coral reefs to see the beautiful coral and lots of awesome fishes .


But I also like making snow men, snow forts, and having snowball fights.  I also like seeing beautiful sights.  When we were in Dominica we hiked up a very long way, and we crossed a river five times, and we saw this big waterfall.  As soon as you get so you can see all of it, all of the water just sprays at you.  It was called Victoria Falls.


But there are wonderful sights  in both places. In New York the Empire State Building is huge, you can see everything from the top. It’s like being the king of the world.

View from Empire State Building.jpg

Most of all I miss my friends at PS 150.

PS150 Choir.JPG

But I also miss the candy!

I like sailing, but miss New York at the same time. As you can sea, well not exactly, but you can see that when you are happy you can be sad at the same time!

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