A Dog’s Life

Starting on Monday I’m going to post chapters of books I am writing.  The first book is “A Dogs Life”. Follow up every Monday. I’m going  post the first chapter to day though.

A Dogs Life


I wish you humans could understand dog. It took a lot of work and effort to translate this book into what ever you call it. Anyway let’s get on with it. My friend and I will take a leash and hook it to your collar and walk you though our lives.

Chapter one

The Sad Beginning

“Mother, you will never live me right?” I questioned.

“I’ll try, Quick eye but humans can come and take me away from you, or you away from me” she replied sadly.

“ Oh” I said. “I hope that never happens”.

“Me too, me too” she replied distantly.

* * *



I opened my eyes and looked around for my Mother, but she wasn’t there. I looked in the other cages but she was not there either. I whimpered and stared to cry. I was only 14 dog weeks old (4 human weeks) and still relied on my Mother for milk and guidance.  But now she was gone forever and I would never see her again. I cried even harder at this thought. “How would I get food?” I thought.  I can’t eat food and I used to get milk from my Mother, but she’s not here so I can’t eat! But then I’ll die of starvation!! What should I do mother-less? Oh I wish she was here. How could she or someone else do this to me? Because of this I will probably die. As each thought went through my head I began to cry and really miss my mother and loath whoever did this to me – which was probably humans, Which made me loath humans.  Sumans I thought, and that’s the day my hate for humans began. I sucked it up and waited for the first victim of my scheme to come through the door. I had seen so many sumans (my new name for humans) come through the swinging doors, but I had never seen beyond them, nor had my mother. I almost started to cry again but then a suman came through the door. “Food dogies” said the suman man unknowing of my scheme and that he was just about to suffer for the consequences of taking my Mother away for me whether he was the one who did it or not.  Every single one of them are the same. Evil, meanes, bullies all the same female or male, puppy or adult, Mother or Father, big or small, they are all the SAME. NO DIFFERENCE.

* * * *

The man approached my cage, and stuck his hand in after unlocking it. I bit him with all my might. He screamed and howled in pain leaving the cage wide open. I merrily jumped out the long way to the floor and ran out under the swinging doors into the world of sumans. I was free, but then I realized I wasn’t I was just in a noter place I saw the door it was open I ran thure it thure a hole in the gate i felt soft green things on my paws and smelt sweet and lovely air I was free.

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