A dogs life


My slim boy body stretched I was only a puppy and I had no Mother, only a Father. My Mother was taken away from me when I was just born and sent to the pound. So my Father and I spent our time looking for liquid food and running away from humans. There was more hard food then liquid, so I couldn’t wait till I could eat it. I was 14 dog weeks old so I still couldn’t eat. My Father guided me instead of my Mother.  But I was perfectly happy.  Like every morning, I checked that Dad was still there and breathing. This morning, I looked around the conner closest to me, the fancy side with tons of food, that both my Dad and I could eat. But they were there pacing, they knew where we got our food. I quickly ducked back inside the alleyway and went to look out the other side, same story. No food this morning. Why whenever I wanted to impress Dad were they always guarding the food? I sighed and went to wake up Dad. He jumped up with a start. I told him the story. He ruffled my fur and said “Good Job Swift Tail”. Like he always did when he wanted me to think he was impressed and proud. But I knew he would be really proud if I brought back food. Then he suddenly yelped in pain and fell asleep. “I got him ” the human shouted, coming my way, I quickly ducked into my box and watched them take away my Father. This time I had no one, they’d taken away my Mother and Father. Now I was mad really mad. That’s how our war was started and I am determined to win. I will beat all humans, then dogs and other animals will rule the world! “I will win” I chanted over and over in my head, slowly falling asleep in my box.

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