A Dog’s Life

Chapter 3

The Big Rolling Monster

Come on Quick-Eye I told myself, “you can do it”. But then another Rolling Monster with a suman inside came crashing by. Every time it would knock the hope out of me, but then I would see the tall swaying peaceful things and would feel the soft green ground underneath me and that would bring my hope back. Some of these Rolling Monsters had other dogs in them saying “What are you doing? Why…” but the Monster would roll a way before I heard the rest. At first I wondered why they sounded so jolly and happy but I soon realized it was because they wanted me to free them. I tried, but the Monster would just push me down and hurt me really badly so I stopped trying. Then I saw what I was looking for, an alleyway with a puppy about my age in it. Perfect I thought.

Yawn I woke up in my box and walked outside expecting my Dad to say “Good morning Swift-Tail”. But then I remembered the invents from earlier this morning. My Dad was GONE forever, just like my Mom. Then I saw it, a figure at first, I was scared, but when I saw it was just another puppy. I sighed in relief and happiness and decided I would wait in a corner near my box.

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