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Rum is serious business in the Caribbean and it is at its most serious in Martinique. Their rhum agricole, made from fresh cane sugar instead of molasses, is the only product in the French Caribbean to have the French AOC designation. This certifies that the rhum comes from a carefully defined area and is made in the traditional manner. In France the certification is given to agricultural products from specific regions. Only Roquefort chesses can come from Roquefort and only champagne can come from champagne, otherwise its just sparkling wine. Certification or not the rhum agricole is gooood! In its honor I set about trying to make a perfect rum punch. Here is what I came up with

The most important thing is to use good rum. It’s traditional to use white rum in punch, but I like dark rum, so I say use what taste good to you. Put two or three ice cubes in a tumbler, add enough rum to float the cubes, add a touch of sweeter, I like a brown sugar or agava, mix it in, add the pulp from half a large passion fruit. If you can’t get fresh you can use nectar from a box, but then don’t use sweeter and “use a good rum” goes double for you. Then add the juice of half a lime and a quarter of a lime to the glass, fill the remainder of the tumbler with fresh orange juice. Grate nutmeg on top. Drink at sunset.
Perhaps you can lift your glass and offer a toast to Jim Green, who instilled a sense of adventure and a love of sailing in his son. And without whose influence we would not be on this adventure. Cheers.

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