A Dogs Life.

Chapter 4

The Plan

As the shape got closer I wondered what I would I say? Would I scare the puppy? Did the puppy see me too or did I dodge before I was seen? Should I show myself again? Then I reminded myself that was too risky! I was so sucked up in my thoughts that I didn’t see the puppy come until it whispered “Hello.”  “Oh hello” I said “What’s your name? “Quick-Eye” Quick-Eye replied “I’m Swift-Tail” We played together. We played chase and rolled around in the ally,we even found a rotten fish and rolled in it. It was the best smelling perfume in the world. After all the fun, we became BFF’s. Then Quick-Eye said “I want to start a war against sumans! Will you join me?” “What are sumans?”I asked “I want to start a war against humans” Quick-Eye explained her story then I explained mine. “I’ll call them sumans too, it’s a better name for them” I said

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