Best moment in 2011 (so far)

My favorite moment of 2011 happened today.  And it’s really my favorite moment because all of the following things came together at the same moment.  J O Y !!

1.  It all starts innocently enough: I get a call from my Emma-Kate on my mobile and she says “I love you”.  This should never be underestimated.   We’ve been together 14 years now and it’s a bloody miracle that she still puts up with me.  After all, we live on a sailing boat and she gets seasick!

2.  When she calls I’m on a ski lift at Whistler.  It’s snowing, the snow is AWESOME, there is almost no one on the hill, and I’m skiing with a bunch of people who are better and faster than me which is FANTASTIC.  I love working to keep up.   We’ve been racking up the vertical.

3.  We chat about how I’m leaving the next day to return to Ondine.  So how great is that: one day I’m on a ski lift on Whistler, and the next day I’m going to be on a sailing boat in Saint Lucia.  I mean it really doesn’t suck to be me.

4.  Emma-Kate tells me that the reason for her call is because she’s organized a SQUASH GAME for me in Saint Lucia.  I’m a squash freak and I’ve been missing playing.  I’m squeezing in a game just before my flight leaves Vancouver and now I’ve got another one in Saint Lucia.  An abundance of good fortune.

All of this means that within about 48 hours (it’ll take me 24 hours just to get back to Ondine), I will have skiied my favorite mountain, be back on board Ondine in the Caribbean fulfilling my dream of sailing for a year, playing not one but TWO squash games, and be back in the arms of the woman I love.

Can life really get any better?


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