This week on board

This week on board:

*It was very windy (Not much sleep for me)

*I found a lentil recipe I really like. ( The Spice Necklace again)

* Paloma did very well selling her brownies at the Yacht club yard sale and is planing her expansion into bread.

*Ronan got to hold a boa constrictor. He smiled from ear to ear for hours.

*We saw the Pitons ( They’re on Oprah’s list of things to see before you die. That’s crossed off, phew)

*We bathed in volcanic mud

* I fixed my first my first ever leak. ( With help. Thank You SV Juno &  SV Ouma )

* James came home.  Yay, yay, yay!

* Ronan finally got his longed for corn rows.( Courtesy off  Emma, our NYC babysitters Lisa’s sister in law, and our Digicell rep. We love Emma.)

What did you do this week? Please share in the comments. We love hearing from you.



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