A Dog’s Life

Chapter 5

The hide out making

By the next week Swift-Tail had told me everything from where to get food to when to hide.  I told Swift-Tail that I’m not that great at doing the type of stuff that she had described. We found out that I was a good spotter, really smart, and good at making game plans, even if I was not the one who preformed them. That morning Swift-Tail had nicked 2 walkie-talkies (the earpiece type), a computer, a monitor and a super big box all in her wagon. I couldn’t believe a suman hadn’t seen her! We started to make our hide out.  Then we realized that unlike the little box that Swift-Tail had, we couldn’t move this box.  So swift tale ran and got a plastic cover.  We attached it.  The plastic cover was so see- through that no one would ever guess that there was a plastic cover over the box. When  Swift-Tail was out she had gotten a knife,  she craved a door way in the box, with it. We placed it so that the entryway was facing the dumpster, so that only dogs could get through to the inside. Then we dragged the computer and monitor inside. When we were finished the sun was going down and we were tired.  We went back inside the new hide out and to the little box that we had now turned over to make a bed for the both of us, we curled up inside the box and fell asleep.


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