A Dogs Life

Chapter 6

The Finder

Yawn, I got up Swift-Tail was still asleep. I stepped outside and there was a…

I got up with a start to the sound of Quick-Eye barking outside. I ran outside to join her and there it was a…

Suman! I ran back inside before it saw me, but Quick-Eye wasn’t as lucky, she was still there parlazed. I ran out side to get her but the suman was gone and so was Quick-Eye! My best friend was gone now, because of sumans. I could fell anger rising inside of me. When the suman came back. I got ready to bite, but then her soothing voice and soft gentle strokes calmed me down. She picked me up.

When we got to their den, Quick-Eye was listening to stories, she immediately stopped when I walked in and greeted me, she said that the dog she was listening to stories from was her mother and she was telling her how she had got there. She turned around and told her mother that she was going to play outside with me. We ran outside. “My mother said we should trust these humans.” Said Quick-Eye. Since when did she call them humans? I thought “why” I asked

“I was just getting there” Quick-Eye replied “ So my mother was taken away by some mean humans, who couldn’t have cared less about her but luckily she escaped. When she was waking along these humans found her and fed her, she was on the verge of starvation. They took her to their den, were nice to her, didn’t hurt her and let her sleep on the coziest bed next to a blazing fire, that kept her warm”

“Wow, these humans are different!” I exclaimed.

Then I heard a dog’s voice that sound like my father’s. It was coming from the other side of the fence, it said “Is that you Swift-Tale?” excited, I started digging under the fence Quick-Eye helped me, eventually the hole was big enough to see through and there he was, my father.  I started barking franticly. One of the humans came out side and took Quick-Eye and me over to the other side of the fence. I ran over to my dad, he said, “Come meet your mother.” I followed him and there she was, my mother. I ran up to her and said with out thinking “ Are the humans nice?”

She laughed and replied “ Yes, Swift-Tale they are.” We all laughed. I was happy here, even if I hadn’t met the humans, yet.

The next day we decided to have a meeting.

We decided that not all humans are evil, and that the lesson learned was not to judge something or someone based on another person or thing. Don’t judge anything till you meet it or them.  Mean humans still have to be stopped from separating families until they are ready or not at all. So we decided to write a book, this book.



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