This Week On Board

This week on board;

*We have been enjoying all the reading material James brought back.

*We had a really good time at The Cruises Net* birthday party. Everyone had “Then things went wrong” stories. It became very clear that it’s not us, it’s boats.  It made us feel better about everything, of course it could have also been the rum punch.

* I got to meet Ann Vanderhoof, author of my favorite books about cruising/cooking in the caribbean.

*Paloma started baking bread.

*We won the saturday morning cruises net quiz!  We won by correctly identifying an Oscar Wild quote.  James & I got to have a lovely dinner here. Thank you Mr Wild  and also SV Esprit de mer for watching Ronan & Paloma.

*James spent a lot of time with the Chinaman. We now have a straight propeller shaft ( there is a very Benny hill joke in there somewhere) and hope to have to engines running by the end of the day.

*Lots of new friends came and went. Its part of the rhythm of cruising life, not sure that it will ever be easy. (We miss you SV Ouma & Juno)

* The kids spent a lot of time on a big purple foot.

What did you do this week? Please share your week in the comments.

* The Rodney Bay Cruise’s Net is an informal show broadcast on the VHS @ 830 am Mon-Sat.  Les, the rummey english gentleman who runs the show gives the weather, some BBC news items and then cruises call in with information, taxi shares, requests for help. I have been very thankful for it.

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