This Week on Board

This week on board:

*We got back in the water. Yay.

*We took Ondine on a little test sail with Andy and Marie (they did the work on the boat) and we got to fly the spinnaker, our favorite sail.

*Paloma took her first flight alone, to visit her friend Ginger, who is visiting Virgin Gorda from NY. (We are sailing to pick her up)

*We enjoyed our last days with the crew from S.V Ouma. (We miss you already)

*Donna, Luca and Joaquino joined us from New York. Joaquino and Ronan are two little peas in a pod.

*We sailed to St. Barts.

*On the way to St. Barts Luca put in a line and got a bite almost immediately got a bit and reeled in a Barracuda (making us, the worst fisher people at sea, very jealous) Unfortunately we had throw it back because it may have had ciguatera.

*The universe was very kind to Ronan. A while back Ronan had lost his boogie board. He was very sad but very good about not expecting us to buy him another one.  Then James was given one by Budget Marine. (It gives you an idea how much we spend there)  Lucky Ronan.

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