4 Days 4 Hours

We made it to Bermuda in record time 4 days and 4 hours. It was fast  but the first 48 hours were rough. It was even too rough for the power of the mighty patch to combat.  Adding to the stomach churning nature of the passage was some very funky smells.  All I could do was crawl on deck for my watches then crawl back into my bunk and sleep.  Thank goodness we had Richard aboard.

Richard casually mentioned to a mutual friend in London that he would  love to do a spot of sailing before starting his new job. In less than 48 hours we had him on a plane to the BVI. It was a real gift to have him on board.  He is good company and it meant watches every 6 hours instead of 3!  James loved the heavy weather sailing but I just can’t get over the feeling like death warmed up to see the beauty in doing 12 knots with the wind at our beam.  Once the weather calmed down and we all become human again, it was lovely; we saw whales, Paloma made pizza from scratch, I read the Wide Sargasso Sea
( the perfect book to read while sailing through the Saragossa  ) and we all enjoyed the sun.

It was only four days but by the time we arrived in St George’s harbor  the easter egg painting and sad goodbyes of Virgin Gorda  seemed a life time ago.

How was your easter/spring break?




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