This Week (& last) on Board

Last week and this week on board:

* We left Horta, Portugal heading for Gibraltar. We sailed for seven days and end up back in Portugal, Faro Portugal on the continent, but still! ( It was a wind thing)

* Ronan settled on his passage look. The hair has yerned him the nickname Ziggy.

* Our friend Grant who was expecting a lovely holiday sailing around the Med drinking sundowners has ended up, flying to Gibraltar, then having to bus to Cadiz, Spain, where we picked him up then immediately sailed over night back towards Gibraltar, When our starboard engine failed, we made Grant get in the dinghy and act as out engine. Now he’s hanging out in a marina while we have work done. Oh the glamour of being on Ondine.

*We sailed through the strait of Gibraltar at night. It’s a pretty spectacular light show. It’s like sailing down a super tanker highway. You feel like you can reach out and touch the lights of  Europe with one hand and Africa’s with other, as  huge lit up monster ships speed pass you.

* We have not actually ever made it to Gibraltar. We got darn close. However when we arrived the marina was closed due to a fuel tank explosion that had left oil in the water. ( poor Ondine got very dirty) We have ended up across the boarder in La Lina, Spain.

*We try and sound like locals and refer to Gibraltar as Gib.

What did you do this week?  Put your week in the comments. We love hearing from you.

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