The Monkeys

We went out to see the monkeys in Gibraltar.   First we went to this other exhibit to eat lunch.

And we got to see animals: a butterfly, fish, and a turtle.  When we were walking to the cable car, we saw a Fire Truck and Fire House.  When we got to the cable car, it took 10 minutes then finally we got to the top.


We saw a little monkey sitting on the wall.


We were so tempted to touch it, but we didn’t because they told us, well the machine told us, not to because it would bite us.  There was this other monkey that was behind the bars so that no one could really take his picture.  So he leapt from the bars to the monkey who was getting his picture taken and pushed him off the edge.  Luckily the monkey was all right.  We wanted to go up the steps, but we couldn’t because there was this grumpy monkey sitting on the steps.   He was grumpy because he made the step his territory and lots of people would go up it.  Which made him very grumpy and he would sit there and sit there and sit there.  But luckily, my sister had a water bottle and he spotted it can came down but we went up the steps before he could snatch it.  But we didn’t really know, because he might have just felt bored and wanted his picture taken.  Then we saw baby monkeys eating some food.


And one jumped right up – I wish I took a picture of it, but I didn’t have the camera.


We saw a Mother monkey cleaning a baby monkey and the Mother taught the child how to clean itself, so it was cleaning itself.





When we were walking down, we saw a monkey that had escaped from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.  It was in town.  Well even though the monkey was wild, they put food up there so that the monkeys will stay at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar so they don’t come down when you are having dinner and steal your food and eat it.

It was fun seeing the monkeys and I like telling it to you!


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