This week on board.


This week on board:

*Ronan cut off all his hair! He looks super cute in a very british post war way.  But part of me will always miss Ziggy.

*We sailed to Sardinia, Italy.  We have  been eating lots of gelato in celebration.

*We said good bye to our fabulous beleaguered  guest Grant. :-(  but not before sending him up the mast, twice.

*We had our best dinner ever at  Trattoria Lillicu.  Where the amazing GIAN PAOLO was our singing waiter.

* New victims guests; Manuel, Alison, Claudia and Jimmy joined us.

* We saw whales!

* We stopped Ondine in the middle of the ocean and went for a swim.

* We arrived in Ustica. The loveliest island you will never go to unless you live on a boat.

What did you do this week? Please share in the comments. We love hearing from you!


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