Today we visited Delos, I haven’t been since I was a kid, but I am pleased to say that it is still as I remember it: probably the best, most-intact set of ancient Greek ruins in the world.  Delos is a VERY special place.   I had five things I wanted to do with the family on the trip, based on my fuzzy memory.  Would we achieve them all?

  1. Visit a (specifc) ancient temple that I remember
  2. See a bathtub.  Yep, go to Delos to see a bathtub
  3. Have lunch on a beautiful beach with a marble pillar in the middle
  4. See the Delos Lions.
  5. Go to the museum

Here’s our trip along with some graphical aids:

We left early on a Ferry from Mykonos.  Kinda nice to be on someone elses’ boat.




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