This Week On Board


This week on board:

* We had a lovely lunch at James’ favorite childhood taverna.

* We went to Delos, birth place of Apollo and Artemis. ( Paloma was shocked by the Apollo to Artemis temple ratio )

* We sailed to Leros to find out about getting hauled out again (dam you P bracket)  We learned we have to wait for a part. ( the dam P bracket)  So we’ve sailed off to explore the near by Islands.

* Some crazy people attached themselves to Ondine and got pulled along behind her.

* We spent a few days just chilling in Lipsos.

* I felt under the weather, so James read to me.  ( I love being read to. Do you?)

* Paloma learned fishing skills or lack there of may be inherited.


What did you do this week? Leave your week comments in the comments, we love hearing from you!



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