This week on board (and off)

This week on board:

*We bid farewell to the our new friends the pirates of Kalymnos and sailed to Didim Turkey.

*Ronan lost a tooth.

*Ondine was hauled out by a huge, fancy, remote control crane at D-Marin Marina.

*We enjoyed the beach club and the pool at the yacht club, both part of the marina, very nice.

* We moved off Ondine and into an apartment. We were excited to give landlubbing a go again.

* We had an osmosis scare. I thought osmosis was a way to learn French in your sleep but it means this and is kinda disastrous on a boat.  It turned out we had a faulty moisture reading not a leaky haul. Phew and double phew.

*We discovered that our apartment is in an English tourist mecca. Our neighbors are Zanzibar,who serve proper full English breakfast with proper beacon, and Skybar, named after SkyTv, which they play on huge screens both inside and out. Both bars (pubs) have Karaoke, dancing bar boys ( actually one of the break-dancing groups was quite impressive) and very loud music all night long. Great if your on holiday from Newark-on-Trent but a little shocking if you’ve been living on a boat.

*We were  grateful for and amazed by restaurants that have pick up and drop of services for their guests.

What did you do this week? Post your week in the comments, we love hearing from you!







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