This Week

This week;

*James’ new catchphrase is ” We spent a year living on the water and now it feeling like we’re living under it”

* We had lots of middle school drama but I am happy to report that Paloma will start at a wonderful school on Monday.

*We moved into our new apartment, with the stuff we flew back with, borrowed air mattresses and the bounty from our obligatory IKEA trip.

* James left on his first business trip on the same day we moved.

* I spent a lot of time buying stuff and then unpacking it from boxes. I kept saying I want to live with less stuff.  We ended up with no stuff.  Now I think the universe is having a good laugh at my expense.

* I messed up my first Freshdirect order. I thought I was ordering 10 apples but I was ordering 10 packs of 4. Apple crumble anyone.

* We’ve enjoyed our new view of the Hudson river, even tho the sailboats make us a little wistful.


How was your week? Put your week in the comments, we love hearing from you.




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