This Week

This Week;

*Paloma went to her first school dance.

*I felt that special band of hectic that only New York can provide, running here, running there not actually being anywhere.

*We got a couch. We’re not sure it’s really the right couch for the space. We really like the guy we brought it from. He is going  to Kabul with the UN.  Fingers crossed he does a great job and the couch grows on us.

* James fought the system ( well sprints identity test) and got me an iphone.  Now the kids want to talk to Siri all the time.

* We had a party to celbrate our return to New York. So now we are offically here.

*We did not go to Battery Park boat basin and sadly watch other peoples boats. We were on our way to the library and we just walked by. Really.

What did you do this week? Put your week in the comments, we love hearing from you!



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