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  • James Contrasts


    One minute you are diving into the ocean wondering how to frolic through the day. The next you are diving through a throng of people wearing a suit and wondering whether you’ll find suitable employment. Which one would you rather be doing?  Yeah: we’ll I’ve […]

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  • fi

    My List of favorite Moments on Ondine

    My List of favorite Moments on Ondine Alex (age 7) 1. Making potions and catching fish with Ronan on the beach. 2. Playing DSI with Ronana. 3. Swimming in the cave. 4. Swimming from the boat to the shore. 5. Playing Uno with Ronan. 6. […]

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  • IMGP1132

    Greece: a brief political observation

    Greece, I grew up visiting here as a kid in the 1960s and 1970s (yes, I am that old).   I’ve always loved it, and the Greece I love is still here.  Of course the Greece that makes the headlines these days is the Greece whose […]

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  • hacked


    This blog was just hacked.  And because www.sailingondine.com is attached to my twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook accounts, I’ve probably just recommended some loans to you.  Several dozen times.  For the record, I don’t actually think that these loan providers are reputible.   In fact, I’m a […]

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  • I expected this

    Captain Jimmy

    When I told daddy I wanted to go sailing I expected this: And although I was disappointed to find out that ONDINE wasn’t equipped with cannons I still think I made a pretty good pirate:   The wenches on board were accommodating:   And our […]

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  • _DSC6212

    Sailing Lessons

    In 2005 we met Emma-Kate and James in New York and we never saw them again until the day we rocked up, tiny toddlers in tow, at Marina del Sole in Cagliari.  They seemed happy enough for us to sail with them across the Tyrrhenian […]

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  • Ondine swimming

    We’ve arrived in Greece!

    We’ve been pressing onward to Greece with an unwavering sense of purpose and everything else has taken second place.  We’ve not been blogging or exploring as much, but we have been doing one hell of a lot of sailing: about six thousand miles or more […]

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  • Whale Back

    Whales in the Med

    Whales in the Med I had no idea that there were whales in the med, but today we saw some.   Forgive the TERRIBLE pictures.    But this is all I could grab.     There were two of them and they had a huge shark-like dorsal […]

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  • Sunset in Faro-1

    The Atlantic Crossing: Coda

    If there was a beginning to our Atlantic Crossing, it was our sail from The British Virgin Islands to Bermuda.  And although we have been claiming the crossing from “North America” to “Europe” was done from Bermuda to the Azores (Portugal), it took us another […]

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  • Azores

    The Azores

    The Azores were COMPLETELY different than I imagined them. First of all they were cold! The water temperature just broke the sixties. So no swimming for yours truly. Though I did see the locals getting wet. (Crazy!) Blustery and windswept are two words that come […]

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