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  • Sunset in Faro-1

    The Atlantic Crossing: Coda

    If there was a beginning to our Atlantic Crossing, it was our sail from The British Virgin Islands to Bermuda.  And although we have been claiming the crossing from “North America” to “Europe” was done from Bermuda to the Azores (Portugal), it took us another […]

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  • Azores

    The Azores

    The Azores were COMPLETELY different than I imagined them. First of all they were cold! The water temperature just broke the sixties. So no swimming for yours truly. Though I did see the locals getting wet. (Crazy!) Blustery and windswept are two words that come […]

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  • Day One

    The Atlantic Crossing: Departure

    DAY ONE: May 5th.   My Birthday. Cinco de Mayo.  The beginning of my 50th year on the planet.  I’m 49 years old today.   We get up at dawn to weigh anchor and head over to the Royal Navy Dockyard which is where all the cruise […]

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  • _DSC5032

    We’ve left the Caribbean…

    We have begun our 5,000+ sailing trip to Greece. And I’ve begun the trip I’ve wanted to complete since I was a little kid. Sail across the Atlantic Ocean as Captain of my own sailing vessel. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I […]

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  • FI

    This Week On Board

      This week on board: *We sailed a night and day from St Martin to St Thomas. Ondine was back in USA for first time in five months. *We picked up the Bricault family; Paul Cicek, Melise & Destin. *We sail to St. John in […]

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  • TW FI

    This Week on Board

    This week on board: *We fixed Ondine and she was ready to sail again. YAY! *We sailed to Bequia. It was an unpleasant ride for me. The trip back the other way is said to be way worse, I’m braking out the patches for that. […]

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  • On the Ocean Again Feature Image

    On the Ocean Again

    Today is the first time we’ve set sail IN A MONTH! Yep.  We’re living on a sailing boat and what with one thing and another, we’ve not managed to actually go anywhere let alone raise a sail. Of course we have our excuses. The first […]

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  • FI this week

    This week on board

    This week on board: *It was very windy (Not much sleep for me) *I found a lentil recipe I really like. ( The Spice Necklace again) * Paloma did very well selling her brownies at the Yacht club yard sale and is planing her expansion […]

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  • JG Ski

    Best moment in 2011 (so far)

    My favorite moment of 2011 happened today.  And it’s really my favorite moment because all of the following things came together at the same moment.  J O Y !! 1.  It all starts innocently enough: I get a call from my Emma-Kate on my mobile […]

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  • This week FI

    This Week On Board

    This week on board: *We hosted a kids book swap. Ronan scored Anakin Skywalker’s Journals . *We broke our propeller. *James left for Canada. * We hung out at Pigeon Island * I ran out of fuel on the dinghy. *We spent a lot of […]

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