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    Night Time Revelry

    It’s 2:00am and after nearly six days, we have sailed 875 of the 950 Nautical Miles from Bermuda to Antigua.  I’m on watch.  Someone has to be on watch 24/7 when you’re at sea.  Most of the time there’s nothing that needs to be taken […]

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    Half Way There

    Half Way There: and several illusions go up in smoke. I’m writing this post from Ondine at LAT 37 degrees north, LON 68 degrees west.  For those of you that don’t want to look that up (everyone, including me), I’m about half way between Manhattan […]

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    Bermuda to Antigua in pictures

    Some pictures of our trip from Bermuda to Antigua (950 Nautical Miles – our longest offshore trip yet).

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  • Ronan on Shelly Beach


    At Bermuda there are strong currents.  My Dad said I can ride on it.  Sshh don’t tell him but I think he’s crazy.  But Bermuda is a very nice place.  In fact it has a very nice restaurant because: it looked nice, the people are […]

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    Vacation V.S. Wating

    My Mom, Ronan (my little brother) and I have been spending our time here in Bermuda relaxing (or trying to). We did a lot of things, here are some examples: we went to the zoo\aquarium, we went to the city of Hamilton, but had the […]

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  • paloma waiting

    Waiting For My Man or Purgatory in Paradise

    Here was the plan. Have a massive party. Sail away from the dancing to Bermuda.  Ondine crewed by James, myself and a bunch of his squash buddies. The squash players also heading to a tournament on the island. Another squash friend would fly to Bermuda […]

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    Slow Start to everything

    Well, this is embarrassing. We were supposed to sail away to Bermuda right after a big party at Pier 66 on Saturday, November 6th. And the crew was supposed to be 6 squash players plus 3 for a crew of 9. I allowed for three […]

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