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  • JG Ski

    Best moment in 2011 (so far)

    My favorite moment of 2011 happened today.  And it’s really my favorite moment because all of the following things came together at the same moment.  J O Y !! 1.  It all starts innocently enough: I get a call from my Emma-Kate on my mobile […]

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  • Sunset in Barbuda

    Skippers Summary of Events

    On our way down, I completely freaked out our guest David Uprichard (see his post here). I have this habit, when things start to go wrong of imagining just what the worst situation could possibly be and then going through what that is, accepting it, and working out how to do better.

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  • paloma waiting

    Waiting For My Man or Purgatory in Paradise

    Here was the plan. Have a massive party. Sail away from the dancing to Bermuda.  Ondine crewed by James, myself and a bunch of his squash buddies. The squash players also heading to a tournament on the island. Another squash friend would fly to Bermuda […]

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  • Weather map

    Slow Start to everything

    Well, this is embarrassing. We were supposed to sail away to Bermuda right after a big party at Pier 66 on Saturday, November 6th. And the crew was supposed to be 6 squash players plus 3 for a crew of 9. I allowed for three […]

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  • Brett

    To Bermuda with Love

    I just felt Like I had to re-post this from Brett. Seems self serving to say that’s it’s one of the best blog posts I’ve read, so I’ll just say I like it A LOT! Here’s the original:  http://www.brettssquashblog.com/2010/10/from-bermuda-with-love.html Here’s some info about Brett:  http://squashzag.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/squash-profile-brett-erasmus/#more-56 […]

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  • uestlove

    Launching Ondine

    ?uestLove to DJ Ondine's launch party. Finally, we are able to announce our launch party. Special Guests: ?uestLove on the turntables and Ondine at the dock. Location: "The Frying Pan". Pier 66. 26th Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan.

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