The tail should probably begin in New York City, as that’s where we were living, and that’s where I did all the research. Or maybe it should begin all the way back in England when I started sailing. But for simplicity, I’m starting this blog from the moment we purchased Ondine.

We found Ondine on YachtWorld.com which had become my bible of yacht sales. It’s got so many boats in so many places and after months and months of looking there (and many many other sites) it became apparent to me that the best deals and the greatest volume of boats were in Florida. So I centered my search there.

When we found Ondine, she was called “Go Bucks”. We were totally open to keeping the boat with it’s original name. We didn’t have any desire to look for a new name and perform all the necessary rights and ceremonies to re-name her, but Oh My God. Could there be a worse name!? I mean “Go Bucks”. I just couldn’t be seen in a boat by that name.  And so we changed her name. And performed certain ceremonies that included the splashing about of expensive champagne.

The Christening.jpg

Emma-Kate came up with Ondine.   And in the end we all agreed that it was the best name.  The other names we came up with have since been used for other items.  Sea Leaf (now our sailing dinghy), Vaporean (our inflatable giant ring) and Blue Vert (the name or Ronan’s cabin) were all runners up.

But enough of the background, here’s our first article on the blog:

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