Barbuda Archive

  • Japanese buying Barbudan votes

    Global Politics making an impact in the Caribbean

    Barbuda is a tiny island just north of Antigua.  It’s got a lovely Frigate bird community (check out Paloma’s interviews here and here and pictures here) and only has a few thousand residents.   Although it is technically part of Antigua and Barbuda (the English decided […]

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  • Sunset in Barbuda

    Skippers Summary of Events

    On our way down, I completely freaked out our guest David Uprichard (see his post here). I have this habit, when things start to go wrong of imagining just what the worst situation could possibly be and then going through what that is, accepting it, and working out how to do better.

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  • Robbert

    An interview with Robbert

    I went to Barbuda and interviewed a male Frigate bird called Robbert. He told me about being a male Frigate bird. I hope you like it.

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  • Ondine in Barbuda

    Ondine at anchor in Barbuda

    A few pics of Ondine that we took from the Dinghy as we motored by on our way to the beach.  The day was beautiful, the clouds were fabulous, and Ondine seemed in her element.

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  • Stealine

    An Interview with Stealine

    I went to Barbuda and interviewed a Female Frigate Bird called Stealine. She told me about her life as a female Frigate Bird and a few things about Frigate Birds. Enjoy. P: People say you look for something special in a male what is it? […]

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