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  • Japanese buying Barbudan votes

    Global Politics making an impact in the Caribbean

    Barbuda is a tiny island just north of Antigua.  It’s got a lovely Frigate bird community (check out Paloma’s interviews here and here and pictures here) and only has a few thousand residents.   Although it is technically part of Antigua and Barbuda (the English decided […]

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  • Robbert

    An interview with Robbert

    I went to Barbuda and interviewed a male Frigate bird called Robbert. He told me about being a male Frigate bird. I hope you like it.

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  • Stealine

    An Interview with Stealine

    I went to Barbuda and interviewed a Female Frigate Bird called Stealine. She told me about her life as a female Frigate Bird and a few things about Frigate Birds. Enjoy. P: People say you look for something special in a male what is it? […]

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