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  • Ondine going to Dry_Dock

    Now this is not the end

    It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Churchill was referring to the changing tide of the Second World War after vanquishing German troops in Egypt.   I’m using it because Ondine is on dry dock, […]

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  • Featured Image

    Greek Drama

    Or as Emma-Kate said more accurately: rudderless in Zakynthos. After zooming 6,000 nautical miles to Greece, we finally arrived in the Peloponnese in the island of Zakynthos on June 30th at 2am.   We dropped the anchor just around the corner from the main port of […]

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  • The Moist Atlantic Crossing

    The {moist} Atlantic Crossing

    DAY SEVEN: May 11th Everything is wet. It’s been raining, the wind has moved forward from south-west to south-east and we are now heading east and sailing into it. The waves have been crashing over the boat from starboard bow to port stern, (diagonally across […]

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  • Day One

    The Atlantic Crossing: Departure

    DAY ONE: May 5th.   My Birthday. Cinco de Mayo.  The beginning of my 50th year on the planet.  I’m 49 years old today.   We get up at dawn to weigh anchor and head over to the Royal Navy Dockyard which is where all the cruise […]

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  • _DSC5032

    We’ve left the Caribbean…

    We have begun our 5,000+ sailing trip to Greece. And I’ve begun the trip I’ve wanted to complete since I was a little kid. Sail across the Atlantic Ocean as Captain of my own sailing vessel. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I […]

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  • Head

    Fixing heads and mans nobel struggle for civilization

    We have been having problems with our heads. (toilets)  James spent a lot of time down with the holding tank, (yuk) before the whole think caved in and we had to call in the professionals  ( Paul and Cicek don’t worry, it’s all fixed and […]

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  • She still loves me

    Leaving Dominica was tough

    Gosh it was hard to leave Dominica.  We met so many great people.  Had a great time.  And every time we tried to leave, something kept us back.  Once we decided to leave: Day 1: My diving accident (more details here: Day 2: I […]

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  • Blood-Shot Eyes


    I love physics. Particles that are waves. Objects that bend space. Tiny little things that occupy more than the 4 dimensions we can understand. But right now, physics is giving me a headache. First off, I’m proud chalk one more up for the good guys […]

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  • _DSC0692

    She keeps kicking my butt, and I keep making her feel better

    I have a whole new understanding of dysfunctional relationships thanks to Ondine.   So far, I have replaced on Macerator Pump and taken apart another in an effort to fix it.  For those of you that still lead blessed lives where you don’t know what a […]

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