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  • FI


    Yesterday I was struck by the similarity between the beginning of our trip and the ending. I found my self-making popcorn in a seaside resort town that prides it’s self on its Englishness; waiting for James and the next chapter of our lives to begin. […]

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  • Ronan loves Dominica

    Dominica the Bountiful

    All of the pictures below were taken on the same day.  They are an incomplete snapshots of the incredible variety of foods that can be found/grown on Dominica. Dominica is incredibly fertile.  Most of the islanders appear to grow at least some of their own […]

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  • Port a Pitre Market

    Vivre La France

    We’re now in Guadeloupe, our first French island. I am excited to be in a French island for one reason and one reason only: The Food! I had a fantasy of our trip through the islands also being a gastronomic adventure. A fantasy filled with […]

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