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  • Feat moment

    {this moment}

    {this moment} – A Friday ritual via soulemama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to […]

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  • Then there were 3

    Then There Were Three

    It finally stopped pouring rain and the sun came out, just in time for Lucy, John and Kailey to depart.  After three weeks of seven souls aboard they have left a lot of empty space. It feels oddly quiet and we keep setting too many […]

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  • Sail2Adventure


    When we were leaving New York, the weather decided to teach us a lesson or two.  We had a crew of 9 of us that were scheduled to sail to Bermuda, and then a huge Nor’Easter blew down with winds over 50 mph and it […]

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  • Rainy days

    Playing solitaire

    Another rainy day in Dominica without the captain. Paloma was nearly swept out to sea on Sea Leaf and had to be rescued by some other cruisers. Adding a nautical flavor to my parental embarrassment. Her rescuers turned out to be super lovely and totally non […]

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  • Feature fruit

    Personal Shopper, Caribbean Style

    This is Michael. He is one of our personal shoppers. We where wary of Michael when he first offered to get us fruit and produce. He looks and acts like a seller of a different kind. We weren’t entirely wrong. He sells that too.  Hey […]

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  • feature

    Feeling thankful for the Love

    Things did not go as planned yesterday.  James is leaving for Canada today to see his Father who is gravely ill.  Being on Ondine without the Captain isn’t terrifying. No, not at all.  But he has to go and my sister in law, Lucy, her […]

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  • z

    Part I, The Good: the further south we go the better it gets

    We just left Guadeloupe. We arrived on Dec 11th and left on the 21st. Lots of people told me I would hate it. One Englishman in particular looked at me incredulously when I said we were visiting and said “why on earth would do THAT!?” […]

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  • Sailing Away from Antigua

    Goodbye Antigua

        Picts Emma-Kate and Paloma took as we sailed away from Antigua towards Guadalope.  The guys are me and Chase.  Rowan and Chase helped us sail from Westbrook to Bermuda and we met up with them again in Antigua and they joined us to […]

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  • Sunset in Barbuda

    Skippers Summary of Events

    On our way down, I completely freaked out our guest David Uprichard (see his post here). I have this habit, when things start to go wrong of imagining just what the worst situation could possibly be and then going through what that is, accepting it, and working out how to do better.

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  • Ondine in Barbuda

    Ondine at anchor in Barbuda

    A few pics of Ondine that we took from the Dinghy as we motored by on our way to the beach.  The day was beautiful, the clouds were fabulous, and Ondine seemed in her element.

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