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  • David Uprichard

    Bermuda to Antigua – Thanksgiving week 2010

    A while back, James casually asked me if I (along with my kids) would like to join him on his sailing trip from Bermuda to Antigua. I’m firmly of the opinion that,in life, if at all possible, it’s exactly one of those offers that one […]

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  • Dophin Splash

    The worst or the best passage?

    Finally we’re on land. You would feel the same way if you got seasick or even went on a passage. We just finished our passage from Bermuda to Antigua. It took us 6 days to get to Antigua! I got seasick witch made it very […]

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  • _DSC0692

    She keeps kicking my butt, and I keep making her feel better

    I have a whole new understanding of dysfunctional relationships thanks to Ondine.   So far, I have replaced on Macerator Pump and taken apart another in an effort to fix it.  For those of you that still lead blessed lives where you don’t know what a […]

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  • _DSC1759

    Night Time Revelry

    It’s 2:00am and after nearly six days, we have sailed 875 of the 950 Nautical Miles from Bermuda to Antigua.  I’m on watch.  Someone has to be on watch 24/7 when you’re at sea.  Most of the time there’s nothing that needs to be taken […]

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  • paloma waiting

    Waiting For My Man or Purgatory in Paradise

    Here was the plan. Have a massive party. Sail away from the dancing to Bermuda.  Ondine crewed by James, myself and a bunch of his squash buddies. The squash players also heading to a tournament on the island. Another squash friend would fly to Bermuda […]

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  • uestlove

    Launching Ondine

    ?uestLove to DJ Ondine's launch party. Finally, we are able to announce our launch party. Special Guests: ?uestLove on the turntables and Ondine at the dock. Location: "The Frying Pan". Pier 66. 26th Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan.

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