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  • It's Fun to be One

    Chocolate Catastrophe

    On my Mom’s birthday we (a new friend called Alexander on S.V. Orchid and I) made a cake. We kind of, ok we really changed the recipe – many thanks to Ashley Skabar for the inspiration. Here is our improvised recipe.  This is a recipe […]

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  • FI SRT

    Setting the Record Straight

    Paloma would like me to set the record straight. She was not nearly swept out to sea because of a lack of skill on her part. It was equipment failure. Sea Leaf’s dagger board (a plank of wood that sticks out the bottom of the […]

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  • Then there were 3

    Then There Were Three

    It finally stopped pouring rain and the sun came out, just in time for Lucy, John and Kailey to depart.  After three weeks of seven souls aboard they have left a lot of empty space. It feels oddly quiet and we keep setting too many […]

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  • Feature moment

    {this moment}

    {this moment} – A Friday ritual via soulemama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link […]

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  • Sunset F

    {this moment}

    As the sunsets on another year, I want to wish you all A Happy New Year and introduce a new ritual via Soulemama. {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, […]

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  • Paloma up the mast

    Paloma drives us up the Pole

    Ever since Paloma discovered that sailing boats have masts, she’s wanted to climb them. She knows I get vertigo, but that just eggs her on. When a boat pulls into port, you are supposed to raise a yellow flag (the “Q” flag) until you clear […]

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  • Sailing Away from Antigua

    Goodbye Antigua

        Picts Emma-Kate and Paloma took as we sailed away from Antigua towards Guadalope.  The guys are me and Chase.  Rowan and Chase helped us sail from Westbrook to Bermuda and we met up with them again in Antigua and they joined us to […]

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  • Dophin Splash

    The worst or the best passage?

    Finally we’re on land. You would feel the same way if you got seasick or even went on a passage. We just finished our passage from Bermuda to Antigua. It took us 6 days to get to Antigua! I got seasick witch made it very […]

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  • tickets

    Vacation V.S. Wating

    My Mom, Ronan (my little brother) and I have been spending our time here in Bermuda relaxing (or trying to). We did a lot of things, here are some examples: we went to the zoo\aquarium, we went to the city of Hamilton, but had the […]

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  • Paloma in Optimist

    Optimist Sailing on the Hudson

    Paloma completed her third year at the Manhattan Sailing School this year. She’s probably now the most experienced sailor we have.

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