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  • Day One

    The Atlantic Crossing: Departure

    DAY ONE: May 5th.   My Birthday. Cinco de Mayo.  The beginning of my 50th year on the planet.  I’m 49 years old today.   We get up at dawn to weigh anchor and head over to the Royal Navy Dockyard which is where all the cruise […]

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  • On the Ocean Again Feature Image

    On the Ocean Again

    Today is the first time we’ve set sail IN A MONTH! Yep.  We’re living on a sailing boat and what with one thing and another, we’ve not managed to actually go anywhere let alone raise a sail. Of course we have our excuses. The first […]

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  • Ondine video

    Launch Party video

    Whether you made it or not to the cold November night when we “left” Manhattan, you should check out this video put together by Gary Philip and his crew over at EMD Agency (  Featuring all members of the Family Green, and speceial guest appearances […]

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  • The Bad & the Ugly2

    Part II, The Bad & The Ugly: things keep going wrong

    We are now 10 days into sailing with my sister (Lucy) and her family (Jon and Kailey who is 6). They are with us for three more weeks. Lucy and I looked at each other this morning and asked each other the same question: will […]

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  • Ondine at sea

    Videos from Ondine

    Here are a couple of videos that we took on the way down south. They are very short clips. I think we can do better in the future as all three add up to less than sixty seconds, but this’ll give you a feel for […]

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  • Sunset in Barbuda

    Skippers Summary of Events

    On our way down, I completely freaked out our guest David Uprichard (see his post here). I have this habit, when things start to go wrong of imagining just what the worst situation could possibly be and then going through what that is, accepting it, and working out how to do better.

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  • Dophin Splash

    The worst or the best passage?

    Finally we’re on land. You would feel the same way if you got seasick or even went on a passage. We just finished our passage from Bermuda to Antigua. It took us 6 days to get to Antigua! I got seasick witch made it very […]

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  • uestlove

    Launching Ondine

    ?uestLove to DJ Ondine's launch party. Finally, we are able to announce our launch party. Special Guests: ?uestLove on the turntables and Ondine at the dock. Location: "The Frying Pan". Pier 66. 26th Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan.

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  • Paloma in Optimist

    Optimist Sailing on the Hudson

    Paloma completed her third year at the Manhattan Sailing School this year. She’s probably now the most experienced sailor we have.

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  • _DSC0131-1

    Summer Sailing Pics

    Pictures from our sailing weekends: Summer 2010

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