The worst or the best passage?

Finally we’re on land. You would feel the same way if you got seasick or even went on a passage. We just finished our passage from Bermuda to Antigua. It took us 6 days to get to Antigua! I got seasick witch made it very uncomfortable and we had a problem with the rudders (steering devices that turn the boat) that sent us in 2 little circles in the middle of the Atlantic because they were not in sync. No mater how silly this sounds it’s true but there were still some good things that happened on the passage like when I thought that there was no life the dolphins decided to play with Ondine. They would tease us by just letting us get close enough then zoom off, they would also make it look like we would smash them when a wave would bring us down then they were just fast enough that they would pop out the other side. I can’t really describe the show though so here are some pictures.

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