Blue Valentine

Yesterday was a strange day for the crew of Ondine. James’ father passed away the night before. It was very difficult and discombobulating for James to go through such a dark passage of adulthood in such a bright and sunny place, so far from Vancouver.  He wrote a very moving post about his father’s death,  you should read it, if you haven’t. Yesterday was also the 14th anniversary of the day James and I met ( that’s right we met on Valentine’s Day). So our Valentine’s Day become an odd but true celebration of life and love in all its bitter and sweet, light and dark, joy and pain. There was some craftiness, lots of words of love, some tears and, chocolate and champagne.

The kids opened a restaurant and made us dinner. All those Top Chef episodes are paying off. Paloma was the head chef and front of house, Ronan was sou chef  ( I didn’t know those terms until I started working in a restaurant ) The staff meals were served in the kitchen, although the meal was so good, we invited the staff to have dessert with us. It was a lovely little celebration, sitting on a boat eating chocolate mousse with the ones you love.  Even with it’s sadness and difficult bits, life is good.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

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