This Week On Board


This week on board:

*We sailed a night and day from St Martin to St Thomas. Ondine was back in USA for first time in five months.

*We picked up the Bricault family; Paul Cicek, Melise & Destin.

*We sail to St. John in a squall and moored at night. Note to self, maybe not the best way introduce guests to life on board.

*We hung out in St Francis Bay, St John.

*The kids taught each other every card game they know.

*Ronan & Melise spent five hours straight in a friends pool.

*We sailed to the Bitter end yacht club in BVI. Thanks to our lovely friends, we stayed on a dock  (1st time in 5 months), while they stayed at the resort. We felt a little like the hick cousins staying on the lawn in our RV, a 55 Ft floating RV.

* Saying goodbye to friends again was hard, especially for Ronan.

* We crossed wakes again with Paloma’s resucers from SV Life Part Two. We are about to set sail with them for Tortola.

What did you do this week? Please share your week in the comments. We love hearing from you.

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